Meet EPA's Leadership Team



Board Member

Hardin spent over three years in the fight to bring transparency to government, litigating what proved to be highly significant open records cases in state and federal courts, eliciting damning privilege logs, admissions by government counsel in court, and key public records now housed in the Climate Litigation Watch documentary trove.

Hardin was elected Greene County (Virginia) Commonwealth’s Attorney in November 2017 and served through 2019.


Mike Gardner

Board Member

Mike Gardner is an attorney with Meyers Roman in Cleveland, Ohio.

He has served as General Counsel to the largest surface coal mining company in Ohio, a master limited partnership, publicly-traded on the NYSE, as well as Associate General Counsel of the largest independently-owned coal mining company in the United States.

Previously, Mike worked as a mine inspector with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.


Bill Rich

Board Member

Mr. Rich began his career as an engineer with the Army Missile Laboratories and the Marshall Space Center in Huntsville, Alabama. He later joined the U.S technical intelligence community, with assignments at the Missile and Space Intelligence Center and the Central Intelligence Agency.

He eventually retired from government service as Executive Director of the U.S. Army’s National Ground Intelligence Center in Charlottesville, Virginia, then spent several years in business development with SPARTA, Inc. a private sector engineering firm.


Rob Schilling

Executive Director

Former Charlottesville City Councilor, Rob Schilling, is a respected voice and a trusted name across central Virginia. Weekdays from noon to 2 PM ET, Rob hosts The Schilling Show radio program on Newsradio 98.9 and AM 1070, WINA .

As editor and founder of, a news, analysis, and commentary web site, Rob has launched multiple national news stories, several of which have appeared on The BBC, Drudge ReportThe BlazeFox News and many other prominent media outlets.